Copywriting for life coaches doesn’t have to be tricky

Copywriting for life coaches and what you’re doing wrong

Hey coach,

Ready to learn how to write effective copywriting for life coaches?

I want to ask you a question first. Ever had a client say the following to you?

  • At first, I wasn’t sure about hiring you
  • A friend recommended you
  • I read your website but didn’t know if you were the coach to help me

Here’s the thing, word of mouth and referrals are fantastic, but you can’t rely on them alone.

But you know that.

Your website and copy matter because it’s what connects you with your potential clients.

Like you’d invest in your website developer, marketing and software programs, you must invest in your copywriting as well.

Suppose you don’t want to hire a copywriter. That’s ok. Writing copy is something you can learn.

But here’s the thing. Good copywriting for your life coaching business should attract your clients and reflect your personality.

But are you using coaching words?

If so, stop because coach-specific words don’t resonate with your clients. 

Coaching terms don’t mean anything to non-coaches. 

Often the words feel overwhelming and are foreign concepts to your clients. Especially if they haven’t worked with a coach before.

Your potential clients will turn away from your website out of fear or confusion rather than hiring you.

What do your potential clients want to read?

  • What they will get from working with you
  • How you will change their life
  • The type of person you are

If you’re thinking, you can’t write copy. Well, guess what?

You’re a coach,

Which means you understand the human mind and our brains.

Heck yeah.

And while you may not know sophisticated phycology, you’ve got an understanding of what makes humans take action.

And coach, what makes humans take action?

Your feelings. 

If you tap into your potential client’s feelings, you’ll compel them to take action.

The copywriting formula for life coaches

I know you want to know the copywriting formulas.

I suggest learning the science of copywriting. Understanding how to write copy will help you.

Copywriting is about simple language.

It’s not writing fancy words that scare people.

Or using perfect grammar and sentence structure.

As a coach, you understand time is a huge factor for all humans.

We either have thoughts about too much or too little of it.

These time thoughts mean writing copy that reflects a university thesis will waste your time and your potential clients too.

By learning the formula’s, you can inject emotions into your copy.

Emotions entice your readers to take action, and if you inject your personality into your copy, then you’ve got a compelling website, 

Copywriting for coaches and using coaching words. 

Remember, you’re in the coaching world. But non-coaches won’t understand your terms.

And guess what?

They don’t care.

Your potential clients don’t want to know the work you’ll do together. And how it’ll take six months of their time.

All your clients care about is how you’ll change their life.

What things will look like on the other side, and what desires you can fulfil.

Here are some examples,

Are you a weight loss coach?

Great. Then your potential clients want to know they’ll lose weight.

Are you a time management coach?

Fantastic, tell your potential clients they’ll have so much time to do what they want after working with you.

Copywriting templates for coaches

Now it’s all good and well to follow copy formulas.

Have you seen the templates throughout Facebook Ads for coaches to fill-in?

Don’t get stuck in this trap.

Because you’ll soon discover your website, emails and copy will sound like every other coach.

You’re a unique coach. Don’t blend in when you can stand out.


Learn copywriting formulas along with persuasive writing.

And the key is making your copy sound like you, so you display your unique self.

Think about this. You’re most likely not the only coach with a program like yours.

But you’re the only one who does it your way.

Writing copy that sounds like you with your personality is crucial to your life coach business.

Because YOU the one thing that makes you different from the next life coach.

Your coaching program your way.

So how does a life coach write copy?

A combination of understanding copywriting and human emotions is how you write copy for your coaching business. 

The next step is to connect these with your values.

Your values set you apart, and it’s how your potential clients will choose to work with you.

They’ll see similarities in your personalities and values. This copy style is what connects.

Your life coaching business is you, and you’ll hook in new clients by connecting with them and being yourself.

And what’s better than being yourself through your words?

You’re going to get the clients you want to work with.


Because they’re choosing to work with you because of who you are and how you’ll change their life.

And that makes you different from the other life coach who coaches on the same thing.

How do life coaches infuse their personality into copywriting?

It all begins with you discovering your brand voice.

The first step of creating your brand voice is reconnecting with your values.

For example, if intentional is one of your values. Then speak about being intentional.

What it means and what it means to you.

Values create a resonation with your people. And when someone resonates, it gets them taking action to work with you.

How life coaches can use feelings in their copywriting

You know the feelings your primitive brain wants you to feel, right?

All the reasons you stay small, safe and fearful. You know them.

  • Belonging
  • Pleasure
  • Safety
  • Intimacy

These are feelings we connect with. Our primitive brain wants to make sure you’re safe, intimate, belonging and happy.

So, use these feelings in your copywriting.

And then think about human desires and the feelings they create in you.

  • Control
  • Serving
  • Power
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Freedom

These are desires many of us crave. So, think about how you can tap into these desires, needs and wants using words.

Because you know feelings drive actions. So, connect with your potential clients this way, and they’ll want to work with you.

As a coach, your website should connect with your clients and tell them how you’ll change their life.

And a great life coach website also reflects who you are.

So then, coach, I ask, does your website and copy do this?

Not quite?

It’s ok.

Because if you want to learn how to write to sound like you and connect with your clients,

I’ve got you.

Jump on over here to Workin Words Copywriting Course

Where you’ll learn formulas and techniques on how to write copy that sounds like you.

So you’ll connect with potential new clients.

Are you in?