Freedom To Coach Podcast

Teaching you how to set up and run your coaching business, create more time and manage your mind.

As a coach, your purpose is to teach others to take responsibility for their own minds.

So they can create the life of their dreams. 

But isn’t that what you want as well?

You’ve got a natural ability to hone in on the results your clients create. 

So it’s time to take responsibility for your mind and business.

Because you’re changing the world, one mind at a time. 


Gemma and Mikala discuss the value of being coached as a coach. As well as what self-coaching is and why you must continuously do it.

But this episode goes one step further as Gemma gives Mikala an exclusive power mini-coaching session live.

Believe it or not, your website matters. As a coach, you must have a website that connects you with your ideal clients. Several elements make up a brilliant website for coaches.

In this episode, Gemma and Mikala reveal the must-haves and have nots of a successful coaches website.

Considering skipping your marketing plan?

Don’t because it’s the biggest mistake you’ll make.

Join Gemma and Mikala as they discuss why your marketing plan matters and how it’s the tool you’ll use to grow your coaching business.

Stuck in social media overwhelm? Coaches need social media presence but don’t let it take over your time.

In this episode you’ll learn how to repurpose content the best way. So it benefits your business, time and your clients too.

Your coaching business is yours and you run it your way. But not if you’re preventing your clients from working with you the way they want to as well.

In this episode discover how to create business boundaries from love that work for you and your clients too.

Go to write copy but your words don’t come? You think of something spectacular and when you sit down to write it…… it’s gone.

In this episode you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of copywriting for coaches.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about why consistent positivity is toxic and how to use your emotions as powerful tools for you and your coaching business.

Listen to them, allow them to be but keep on coaching anyway.

Never underestimate the power of your email list. 

You’ll discover secret tips about email marketing, how you can use it to grow your business and also practising patience when it comes to email marketing.

Think about starting a podcast?

If you want your own podcast but struggle to get started then this episode is for you. You’ll learn about why having a podcast benefits your business, maximises exposure and is most of all fun. 

In this episode, you’ll discover secret tips about how to get out of your niche drama so you can start coaching.

It’s the episode all new coaches cannot miss.

Want to know how to truly, actually and consistently get things done? Then this is the episode for you.

In this episode you’ll learn about constraint, scheduling and honouring yourself. Because these three things are the key to consistently getting stuff done.

Often feel resistance, guilt or pressure in your business? You’re not alone. In this episode learn the reason you’re having negative feelings about your business.

And the secret (of course) is in your thinking. 

If you’re like many coaches then you’ll use LinkedIn. But if you want to know how to use LinkedIn as a coach the right way then this is the episode for you.

Join LinkedIn expert Karen Tisdell as she reveals what’s coming to LinkedIn and how it’s going to benefit coaches.

If you’re ready to write a book you must like your reasons. Many coaches want to write a book so if you’re ready to write one then this is the episode for you.

Learn how Gemma wrote her book in 5 months and what the key is to getting it done.

Think you should be further along in your business? Or that you should be making more money? If so then listen up because there is nothing you should do.

Telling yourself you should be doing things you don’t want to creates resistance and stops you from moving forward. 

Find you’re in a hurry in your coaching business?

To get more clients, to post more social posts, to write more blogs and do more launches?

You’re not alone. What’s your hurry? Because the world will wait, it’s always going to be there and your clients are waiting for you.

In this episode you’ll learn how to drop judgement of yourself as you do with your clients. So you can lean into your intuition and get out of your head.

Plus, learn how listening to yourself is a gift and the best one you can give yourself. Discover why and how to do it.

Do you live each day on purpose? If not, you can decide to do it right now today.

If you want to know how two successful coaches and business owners frame their day for success then this podcast episode is for you. 

If running a business were easy then everyone would be doing it. 

We know you love coaching but coaching comes with running a business and it isn’t as easy as you thought. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t dam well worth it.

In this episode learn the real business of life coaching to help you stay on your path.

Want coaching advice?

Then we’ve bought along Kate Osborne who’s been coaching for twenty years and wants to share her journey with you. 

Plus she shares loads of advice for new coaches. 

Find you control everything in your coaching business, leaving you with little time? If so, you’re not alone.

In this episode, discover why you’re overcontrolling stuff in your business and why letting go increases your time, coaching capacity and stress levels.

New coach starting? Or are you an established coach? Either way, growth and learning as a coach are critical to your success.

Join Mikala and Master Coach Nicky Hammond to discover ways of fine-tuning your coaching skills without sacrificing growing your business.

Ready for a group coaching program? Awesome. But are you?

In this episode, you’ll discover why group coaching isn’t the only option available for your coaching business.

Lose your shit in your business when things don’t go as you planned? You’re not alone. 

In Australian (English), this is known as ‘chukin a tanty’ as we want you to chuck all the tanty’s that you need without sacrificing your business.

If you’re still unsure about how to get more coaching clients, join Debbie Shadid and Gemma as they disscuss what happens between your thoughts and the results you want in your business.

In this raw, open and honest episode, they get real about what it takes to truly grow your coaching business.

Got no bad habits in your business? Guess again.

The truth is, there are sneaky unhelpful things you do without knowing that are habitual for you.

Learn the reason why in this episode and discover how to stay focused.

Not moving forward in your business? If you’re considering joining a business membership, don’t do it until you listen to this episode. 

Coaching is amazing, and that’s why you’re a coach, but if you want to keep on coaching, it’s time for constraint and discipline.

Hate when things don’t go your way?

When you run a business and you’re taking steps to move forward then there isn’t anything that’s a failure.

Every step you take means you learn something and it keeps you moving forward and not backwards. 

Struggle to get things done in your business? There are times when help makes your business and life run smoother. 

Business is a balance of working in it and on it. Often, entrepreneurs want to do it all, which means there will be a part that gets left behind.

Do you feel confident about your ability to recognise the signs that your clients are struggling with their mental health and have a healthy conversation around this?

Learn about things to be aware of, both in yourself and in your clients, and how to create a safe space for the conversation right from your first session.

How much information are you consuming for your business? We love learning, but if you overdo it, your business will suffer.

If you’re ready to take action steps in your coaching business to achieve your dreams, this is the episode for you.

Feeling like you’re stuck in your business? It’s common for entrepreneurs to feel stagnant but avoiding and not taking action means you risk never growing your business. 

If you can’t tap into your courage to start, this is the episode for you.

If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks about business first and food last, you’re not alone. But eating healthy is the fuel for your mind and body, which helps your business flow throughout the day. 

If you’re struggling to eat healthily and run your coaching business, this is the episode for you.

Want to improve your teaching? As coaches, teaching is a part of our profession which means improving the skill improves your coaching skills. 

In this episode, join teacher mindset coach Ashley Wolfe as Gemma and discuss the difference between coaching and teaching.

If you avoid creating an ideal client avatar, then listen up! You risk connecting with your ideal clients if you’re not clear on who you’re speaking to in your marketing message.

This episode gives you easy steps to follow so you can get clear on your client now.

Ever felt like you do things in your business that feel yucky? You are NOT alone! 

Join coach Kristen King and Gemma in this episode and they discuss how to drop being perfect in your business, the shoulds and how to embrace being good enough.

Hate some of the tasks in your coaching business?

It’s normal to avoid various tasks in your business, but the reality is… you have to do them. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make it easier to do the things you don’t want to do. But need to get done.

Planning your business for 2023 is about keeping it simple. How do you do this? By knowing what it is you truly want.

In this reveal all episode, Mikala our productivity queen shares her unique focus plan for this year.

Are you truly following the purpose of your coaching business?

You’re not alone If you’ve drifted away from your why. But now is the time to revisit what you want out of your business and life. 

Grief sucks. It’s a challenging emotion to feel and can completely cripple you. But if you’re like most coaches, you’ve still got your business to run. 

In this episode, you’ll discover tips on how to navigate grief while running your coaching business.

There are lots of different types of coaches, and lots of different types of coaching tools. But the magic happens when coaches find the right tools that compliment their training.

In this episode you’ll discover how Pam Poole blends Life Coaching with Equine Assisted Therapy.

Do you want to work less and enjoy life more? But still, love and nourish your coaching business? You can have both.

Discover how Mikala and Gemma both run successful businesses and are, as they frame it semi-retired yet never loved their businesses more. 

In this episode, hear from guest Corinne Crabtree with Gemma and Mikala about how to run your coaching business while becoming a fantastic coach.

You’ll learn tips about keeping on track and focusing on your business and not what others are doing. 

In this episode Mikala and Sade Curry talk about the best way to approach real life experiences in your marketing and coaching practice.

So you’ll attract the right people and create a safe space for your clients to feel heard and supported.

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint…. Excuse the metaphor, but it’s true.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen. In this episode, you’ll discover how consistency and a well-planned strategy pay off. 

Join Gemma and Neurologist Dr. Saher Rizvi as they discuss brain health. 

Discover how incredible your brain is and how you can optimise it’s functioning. 

As a coach, you understand the value of coaching and how it can positively impact our lives. However, it’s also okay to choose not to be coached.

In this episode, you’ll learn techniques to manage your emotions and not let them control you during difficult times.

For some coaches, understanding business finance can be a scary and confusing minefield.

In this episode, Mikala speaks with Fractional CFO, Carla Moats about why financial adulthood in business is so important, and how to get there.

Are you worried about coming across as genuine on the internet? 

Join Gemma and Mikala for this episode, where you’ll learn how to authentically present yourself online.

So you can connect with people you want to work with in your coaching business.

Guess what? It’s human nature to procrastinate. Phew! 

Want even better news? 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to use procrastination as an advantage in your business.

Have you ever questioned your relationship with time? 

Our perception of time and productivity is heavily influenced by societal conditioning.

In this episode, learn how to tune into your body to identify your most productive times and when you should rest.

Using AI-powered copywriting can provide benefits, but it’s essential to maintain a balance.

In this episode, you’ll discover pointers to maximise the advantages while retaining your personal touch.

The word is that clients aren’t buying as much, and internet marketing isn’t cutting through… 

If you mix things up and try different approaches, you’ll have a better shot at reaching new customers and growing your business. If you need help with offline marketing, this episode is for you.

Are you struggling with financial difficulties in your coaching business? You’re not alone.

Financial changes vary, and they’re not forever. It’s possible to make it through.  In this episode, we give tips that you won’t want to miss. 

It may sound old-school, but email marketing is still relevant and can work wonders for your business. 

If you want your emails to stand out in your client’s inboxes, this episode has some hot copywriting tips to help you grab their attention.

Unsure how to use analytics to your advantage? Your social media, email, and website data gives you valuable insights to boost your marketing efforts.

By uncovering hidden patterns and trends, you can make smarter decisions that help your business succeed.

As the coaching industry evolves and adapts to changes, so does your coaching business.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to evaluate your coaching business’s start, stop or continue philosophy.  

Thinking about going back to full-time employment but worried about what it means for your coaching business?

Join Gemma and Mikala as they chat with Nicky Hammond about rejoining the 9-5 club without feeling ashamed.

Join Gemma and Mel Daniels in this captivating episode as they unravel the secrets of content marketing. 

Discover how to create compelling content that resonates with your audience effortlessly.

Times are more challenging, so you cut your marketing…. Wrong.

Join Gemma & Mikala as they explore why slashing your marketing budget during a financial squeeze isn’t beneficial. 

Believe it or not, comparison can be a powerful ally on your entrepreneurial journey. Intrigued? 

Don’t miss the valuable insights that could transform your marketing strategy and turn comparison into your secret weapon for success.

Join Gemma and Mikala as they explore strategies to identify and understand your target audience’s problems.

Discover how to transform these insights into a compelling marketing message.

Join Mikala and Gemma as they discuss the key marketing strategies that set successful businesses apart from those that struggle.

You can unlock your potential and achieve massive growth by leaving your comfort zone.

Are you tired of creating copy that misses the mark?

It’s time to shift your focus from yourself to your clients.
In this episode, you’ll discover the ONE question to revolutionise your marketing strategy.

Join Mikala and Gemma to learn the ins and outs of email marketing consent, rules and the GDPR. 

Plus, extra tips for clever email marketing in 2024. 

Join Mikala and Gemma to learn how coaches can make choosing them easier. 

This episode delves into a powerful tool that coaches can use to show value and make decision-making easy.

Join Mikala as she delves into an inspiring conversation with our guest, Nicole Stewart about the pursuit of authentic femininity in a world that often favours masculine traits.

Join Gemma and Chat GPT trainer Leanne Shelton to explore how AI can be a powerful tool for your business.

Learn from real examples of misusing ChatGPT and how to avoid them to protect your coaching reputation.

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce the final episode of the Freedom to Coach Podcast. 

In this special farewell episode, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared with all of you.