Farewell, But Not Goodbye

This is a close-up of two women smiling in black and white for the podcast cover image of Episode 69.


Farewell, But Not Goodbye

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce the final episode of the Freedom to Coach Podcast. 

In this special farewell episode (number 69, wink wink ), we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared with all of you. 

The inspiring coaches, the insightful conversations, and the amazing community we’ve built together.

But wait. This isn’t the end. It’s just a new beginning in a different format. We share what’s next for us and how you can stay connected with the Freedom to Coach spirit.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • A heartfelt thank you from Mikala and Gemma 
  • A glimpse into the future and what lies ahead
  • How to stay connected and keep the coaching fire burning
  • (HINT** It’s our other podcast Work Wife Wine Time)

Don’t miss this special episode. 

Grab your tissues (or maybe some celebratory champagne), press play, and join us as we say farewell to the Freedom to Coach Podcast.

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