Email Marketing Laws & Ethics

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Talking Email Marketing Laws and Ethics

Buckle up because, in this episode, we’re chatting about serious stuff.

But don’t worry, we keep it fun. 

Ever think about marketing laws and regulations? 

Probably not, so we’re spotlighting email marketing rules and regs.

We chat about a massive Australian business and the substantial fines they got last year. 

It’s a cautionary tale reminding us that marketing laws matter. 

Legal jargon isn’t thrilling, but we promise this episode is fun and super informative.

Join Mikala and Gemma to learn the ins and outs of email marketing consent, rules and the GDPR. 

Plus, extra tips for clever email marketing in 2024. 

Tune in, and let’s have some fun while navigating the world of marketing regulations. 

It’s going to be a blast. 

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