Tackling Re-Employment


Tackling Re-Employment

Thinking about going back to full-time employment?

But you’re worried about what it means for your coaching business.

You know the thrill of leaving a day job to pursue your passions and start your business.
However, society views it negatively when someone decides to leave their business to work for someone else.
This stigma is fascinating.

Join us in this special episode with special guest Nicky Hammond, and we chat about rejoining the 9-5 club without feeling ashamed.

You’ve tasted the sweet freedom of quitting your 9-5, but now you’re considering a serious relationship with the water cooler again. 

It’s okay. Business is tough. 

Coaching is a luxury, and perhaps it’s no longer serving you financially to run your business full-time. You haven’t done anything wrong, and you haven’t failed. 

There are pros and cons. If you’re considering going back to the office, this episode is for you.

Learn more about Nicky on her website www.coachscoach.co or on socials…