The Marketing Marathon


The Marketing Marathon

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint…. Excuse the metaphor, but it’s true. 

If you’re like most coaches, you’ll notice you put a LOT of time into your marketing with what feels like little return… Yet!

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen. In this episode, you’ll discover how consistency and a well-planned strategy pay off.

When marketing your coaching business, you will feel depleted and may feel defeated. 

This. Is. Normal.

Online marketing isn’t an overnight miracle. It takes time to build your know, like and trust factors. Which means there’s no instant gratification with marketing.

Learn how to not fall into the trap of chasing 100 likes on your Instagram post to valuing and cultivating a long-term relationship with people you generally nurture. 

Because this is the power and reality of marketing that grows your coaching business.

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