Build Your Business Your Way


Build Your Business Your Way

Ever felt like you do things in your business that feel yucky?

You are NOT alone! 

In business, we do stuff because the “experts” tell us to and we think we should. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Building your coaching business should feel honest and true to you. 

Join coach Kristen King and Gemma in this episode and they discuss how to drop being perfect in your business, the shoulds and how to embrace being good enough.

So you can build your coaching business your way.

This episode is for all coaches who want to believe it’s possible to build your business your way. 

The secret to growing your business is doing it authentic to yourself, trusting that you know best and trying something and trying it again. 

This episode guides you on dropping being perfect so you can grow your business and try marketing your way.

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