Mental Health and Coaching


Mental Health and Coaching

Do you feel confident about your ability to recognise the signs that your clients are struggling with their mental health and have a healthy conversation around this?

Join Mikala as she speaks with Mental Health First Aid Trainer Tracey Groombridge about things to be aware of, both in yourself and in your clients, and how to create a safe space for the conversation right from your first session.

There are lots of things to be aware of when it comes to the conversation around mental health. If you work with international clients you need to consider cultural attitudes and stigma.

Learn how to recognise signs of anxiety, depression and burnout both in your clients and yourself, strategies to help stay buoyant and where to go for further support.

Places you can go to find and access training or information on available services for your clients:





Learn more about Tracey on her website www.mcleod9mentoring.com or on socials…