Why Coaches Need Coaching

You know the significance of having a clean mind. But do you make sure to allow yourself the time to get coaching?

We get it. As a coach, you think you’ve got the mindset, thought and feeling system under control. But did you know it’s an ongoing practice?

Learn why you always require coaching as a coach in this episode.

Welcome to the Freedom to Coach podcast with Gemma and Mikala, we’re both coaches and entrepreneurs passionate about teaching you how to set up and run your coaching business, create more time and manage your mind because you’re changing the world one mind at a time.

Mikala: Hello, everyone welcome to the very first episode of the Freedom to Coach podcast. So in our podcast you’ve got me Makallah and also my wonderful friend and colleague and fellow coach Gemma.

Gemma: Hello.

Mikala: So the topic that we wanted to start with for our first episode is it’s a really important one and it’s basically why coaches need coaching because, you know, as coaches, we coach other people and we know how important it is to get coaching and we talked to our clients about that all the time.

But one of the things that I’ve discovered and I’m sure Gemma has discovered this as well is that so many coaches don’t actually get coach themselves, I don’t know if it’s because we think that, you know, we know all of this stuff so therefore we don’t need someone else to help us and protests along and highlight our thoughts to ourselves or I don’t know do you have any thoughts on that Gemma?

Gemma: Yeah, it’s really interesting because I think it’s a coach, you know, you do your preparation, you do your work so that you can be coaching your clients, you know from a clean space and a clean head.

But no matter what, well how much you do, you still need your own coach because only you are inside during head right, no matter what, there’s going to be thoughts is going to get their beliefs as much as you’ve worked on them, they’re still going to creep in.

And sometimes, unless you’re really paying attention and being coached, they’re going to Sir has and you know, you’re not going to pay attention to them unless you’re being coached, right?

But you know, as much as you do work on certain thoughts and change your belief system and create new thoughts, they are, they will greet them, right?

And it’s hard to see them or pay attention to them and being with them if you’re not continuing and being closed because it’s how our brains work, right?

Mikala: That’s it. And I think another point is that it’s never, it never stops. We’re always learning and evolving and growing and our brains certainly never turn off.

So you don’t kind of get to a point in life when you magically have dealt with everything there is to deal with, it’s like that just doesn’t happen.

It would be totally awesome if it did happen. Is that just doesn’t happen. So absolutely, it’s nothing to be fixed. It’s there for your awareness, right? So you can create different results. But yeah, it’s a belief system, they will creep in from time to time. And when you’re in your own brain drama.

Yes, you can’t see it. And I’d just like to say at this point that Gemma and I actually constantly coach each other. We have this thing going where one of us is having brain drama and the other one’s always like totally cool and we’ve got this, this is all good, we can totally do this.

And then, you know, the next day or week it flips around and you know, one week it’s Gemma having all the brain drama and having a meltdown and I’m like, no, no, it’s totally fine, it’s all good.

And then the next week or the day, I’m the one having the meltdown going, oh my gosh, we can’t do this and like it is so important, it’s so important to our business together and it’s also really important to our separate businesses.

Because we talk about everything when we talk together and I can honestly hand on heart say that just in our casual friendly unofficial coaching sessions that Gemma and I have when we call each other and go, oh my God, it has helped me so much, it just helps me cut through all the rubbish that’s going on in my head and to get back on track and make things happen.

Gemma: Absolutely, and I really, I think as well that, you know, if you think you don’t need, your own coach or you don’t need coaching, but you know, one person or a few doesn’t matter, but you know, if you think you don’t need it, you really are kidding yourself.

Yeah, if you think you don’t need it. You do. If you think about like, you know, FTC freedom to coach helped coaches and yeah, if you’re not using your own product that you’re selling, you know, if you’re out there in your own coaching business, selling your coaching, your coaching programs, doing all of that, if you’re not investing in your what you’re selling, then how really can you sell it?

How deeply do you believe in coaching? If you are a coach when you’re not being coached, it doesn’t make sense. Yeah. And how can you encourage your clients to keep coming back hand on heart?

Honestly, if you’re not doing it yourself, I mean, come on people. But you know, you’re a coach and you love it and you love helping others, so, you know, and you know, you can get caught up in it, so don’t forget to take that time for yourself as well, because if you don’t, then you’re not going to be as effective for your clients either.

Mikala: Yeah, that’s a really good point. That’s what it is, isn’t it? Coaching is really taking time for you? It’s really part of self-care and I know that’s a term that gets bandied around a lot, but you know, it is important to look after yourself and to look after your own mind and in my mind needs them l c from time to time regularly, a lot of time to time witness me.

But I mean, speaking about, you know, it having coaching and working with the coach and creatures. Yeah, I guess it’s also important to do your own self preaching. You know, it’s not just working with someone else, but looking into your own mind.

Absolutely. Do you want to tell us a bit more about what what’s involved in self coaching? Like what exactly is it mm for sure?

Gemma: Well, the first and foremost important thing um, is to brain dump whatever is going on in your head and it can be any time of the day. You know, some people like to do it in the morning and they get up and then, you know, and part of the morning routine, if you’re having a shower, you’re going for your run or you’re doing whatever and all these thoughts are going through your head. Get a piece of paper, write them down, just write them down, don’t judge them, don’t look at them just scribble. And you can do that at any part of the day if you’re feeling a certain way, if you’re feeling anxious or nervous or excited or whatever and you’re trying to figure out why you can do that again.

It’s your brain and your own thoughts and just get them down on paper and that’s the most important thing because then you can read through it like that one’s interesting a little of that one’s about. And then you can, you know, look into that thought and see what that’s doing for you. You know, whether it’s serving you in that moment or when you were thinking it or if it’s something you think regularly, if you think would be useful for it, if you think it’s the thought that doesn’t need work on, it can just circulate, you know, and when it comes in, you can think it like, I don’t need to think about that thought. You know, it’s just getting them out of your head and on paper, just get them out of your brain first. And I find that to be late.

Sometimes I absolutely amazed myself with what comes out. It’s like, you know, there’s a writing exercise that people often get you to do where you write down a question and then you just write the answer and you think you don’t know the answer to the question. But once you start writing all this stuff just comes out and that’s, that’s what I find when I do the brain dump often. I’m writing stuff and I’m like, what the hell.

Seriously? Really? That’s going on in my head. I’m thinking that it’s so interesting catching these thoughts that you’re like, I had no clue that that was in there.

It’s so interesting. Um Yeah, it depends when you want to do something and you’ll find if you do like several brain dams throughout the day and thoughts change and they’re always different and it’s so interesting to see what’s going on in your head throughout the day.

That’s coming from different feelings.

Like when I do a thought download after I’ve exercised, it’s very different. I thought download. I’ve done first thing in the morning before I’ve exercised or when I’m really tired. And it’s so fascinating to me because my brain is I guess offering their thoughts from very different brain chemicals and emotions. It’s so interesting.

Mikala: That is so cool. I’ve never tried that, but I’m totally going to do what you do. One, you know, before or any kind of activity that may release a different kind of brain chemical, you know, for me, I guess exercise my brain is just high on, you know, the endorphin, the adrenaline, whatever it may be and I thought download is completely different from what it was before I exercise.

That is so cool.  Yeah, I’m going to try that. Maybe I’ll do it like when I first get up and then after I’ve had my shower because you know how much I love my shower, It’s like my think tank where I get all my best ideas.

So yeah, I might try that tomorrow.

Gemma: Yeah. It’s just not interesting to see how the brain works and that’s the thing you’re paying attention to. It, wow, you’re really noticing what’s going on at different times of the day and you know, different moods.

Look, it’s, it’s so fascinating. Um but yeah, I guess you need to do your own self coaching and the first thing is just get the sentences out of your head and from there. That’s when you can pay attention. The ones that you think may need attention. I mean maybe cleaning up, you know, does this need to be cleaned up or you know we leave it there or do we need to, you know get rid of that one or if there’s re occurring ones, you know, I always think it’s like the soundtrack of your mind. You know, when a CD would skip.

Yeah, they’re the ones I then get coached on.

Mikala: Yeah totally.

Gemma: Right. So when you see these skipping and it’s just on repeat. Like I got a minute yep this one yeah we need to pay attention to this and see what that’s doing. You know, But you know as well like even it’s not even full coaching really. Like if you think about having a clear head and holding space for anything for your client, for friends, for your own brain.

You know, if you had full, you know you can’t hope space actively, you know, you’re not going to be in the thought and the feeling that maybe you’d want to be, you know, if you’re not paying attention to it and it’s more important clean thinking. You know and you can’t actively catch a thought in every moment. Yeah. You know we’re not superheroes unfortunately.

Unfortunately I’d like to think I’m a superhero, but not quite yet. And that’s the thing, you know, you can’t pay attention to a thought in every moment. Some of them you can, you know when the more you do it and we’re like, oh, hang on, What’s that? What’s this feeling about and what’s the thought?

And you can work on changing it in the moment, but you often can’t, you know, that’s because so many of the thoughts that we have up to 60,000 day, right?

A lot of them will be sitting in your self conscious. So you don’t even know this here until we pay attention to them. So you know, if you don’t have that clean thinking, it’s not going to serve you when you’re coaching and it’s certainly not going to serve you for when you’re trying to grow your business.

Mikala: So very true.

Gemma: What about you? What is do you have a certain process for yourself coaching?

Mikala: Well, like you said, I do the thought download and sometimes. So it’s interesting. I’ve been working a lot recently on beliefs, I’ve had some health issues lately and it’s really forced me to challenge some of the beliefs that I’ve had because I can’t live life the way I used to. So I’ve been looking at these different thoughts and beliefs that have been recurring and going, well what if that’s not true?

And so I kind of, I tend to pick some of the thoughts that have come up and then I asked myself what if that’s not true and then I start writing and that for me has been a really, really interesting exercise because sometimes like we’ve, we both were students of the life coach school and so we’ve learned the self-coaching model and I do that most mornings, but some mornings I just like to change things up a bit and as I said with this beliefs thing, it’s like, you know, what’s the belief that I’ve had recently?

Well, one of the biggest ones and actually wrote a blog post on this is that I must work eight hours a day to be, I don’t know, to be effective or efficient or just to be credible in my business.

I must work an eight-hour day and I can’t actually do that anymore.

And so I’ve cut my days back to four hour days and I didn’t really make, well, no, I did make the decision to do it, but it was a case of, I thought to myself, I don’t have a choice, I have to do this. And as I’ve been saying to you, Gemma, I cannot believe how much I get done in four hours a day. It’s like I now look back at my calendar and where I was working eight-hour days and I’m like, what did I do with all that time?

It’s crazy. I just had this belief that to grow my business and to be any good in my business and to get things done, I had to work eight-hour days, totally not true.

And so that’s then prompted me to question these other beliefs that I see coming up. Doesn’t that right there just show you the power of coaching and what it does, right? Because we had this or you have this belief and this mental construct of what time was, right? So, you know, you looked at it as like, okay, I’ve got eight hours, you know, so for most of that, you know, potentially you were wasting time or you were, you know, not saying you’re the only one, but I think because you created this thing in your mind, it’s like I’ve got eight hours, so this is my time.

But isn’t it fascinating that that no longer was there that I’m not in half and now you’re getting more done, You know? So it doesn’t that just show what power of coaching and the power of a thought is literally just a thought.

Absolutely. It is not the truth. Yeah. And the thought that I had to work eight hour days, you think you think about it? And that’s so limiting now I’m like, I can build a business in four hours a day and suddenly so many possibilities open up, it’s like you force yourself, will not force yourself, but you give yourself the opportunity to open your mind.

And it’s funny because you know, I didn’t think I had a closed mind about it, I thought it was just, well, you know, I thought that my belief that I had to work an eight-hour day was just true.

Yeah, never challenged it, never, never knew it was there, never realized it was their challenged it. And that is why having a coach is so important because having someone to point out to you these crazy beliefs that you’ve got to get an illness to point out to me that I had a crazy belief exactly, you don’t need something to happen, you know, you don’t need an X, Y, Z circumstance to occur for you to challenge things, you know, not to challenge your thoughts now. Yeah, well that’s what I’ve been doing lately and it’s actually been a lot of fun.

Gemma: And it, it just shows why coaches need coaching, why you need to do your own coaching because especially if you’re growing your business, I mean, look how much your business has changed how much you’re growing it by working half the time, just based on some businesses running through your mine, that’s the crazy thing, it’s the sentences running through your mind actually in my self-coaching session this morning.

Mikala: One of the things that I was thinking and writing about was that basically we can create this is this is my new belief that I’m working on. We can create whatever we want in the world because our world is created from our thoughts and to get just a little Buddhist on you for a moment in Buddhism. We believe that everything in our world, everything that we think we see in the world and we think we know in the world is actually imputed by our mind.

So the world I see and all the people and everything in it is completely different from for example, the world you see Gemma.

Because they are imputed by our own minds and like you and I have very different experiences and biases and thoughts and feelings about things and so the world that I see around me is created by my mind.

And my mind is very specific to me and the experiences and thoughts and beliefs and everything that I have and that kind of blew my mind be it because it’s like, well the thoughts are arising from my own mind and my own mind creates the world that I see and that I experience, it’s like of course I have complete control over my world, over the world I see and so you know this is it all just came up really as the whole challenging my beliefs and these crazy things that I thought were true.

And now I’m going actually, that’s really not true driving my kids and my wife a bit crazy, but you know, that’s okay. That’s all right. You just like why is mom breaking these rules? Like I’m like, because I can because I don’t have to follow it all. I’m a great woman, I can do whatever the hell I want. So amazing, isn’t it?

And that just shows that yeah, you can just create your own everything with within your coaching business, within your life, within what you do and you can help your clients do the same.

All right. Need you’re clean thinking. You can’t appropriately hold that space for them. Yeah, you need your own clean thinking and you need your own experiences. Like if you haven’t experienced experience, these are half movements.

And if you haven’t experienced these radical changes in your thinking and in your beliefs, then it’s like Gemma said earlier, you’re not essentially practicing what you preach. You can create a closer, not a bond, but a closer guiding relationship I think with your client, if you understand what it is there potentially going through or what it is that they are faced with. So yeah, it’s super important to always be doing your own work.

So you can have the insight and compassion for your client and what they’re going through. Absolutely. And it’s also really important as well as the courage that you know, in your mind, you’re not going to start agreeing with the client or you’re not going to believe your client stories, right?

Because then you can’t be an efficient coach. So if you’re not cleaning up your in head and and things like that, then, you know, you’re not going to provide, I guess the space, yeah, you’re not gonna provide the space.

You’re not going to provide efficient coaching. Because if you’re believing that story, believing their thoughts, then both of you, you’re going to have such a disconnection. You know, when you’re doing your own south preaching, when you’re working with coach and you remind you that once I thought that’s just a thought and you know, your brain is saying, no, this is true, this is the truth.

Okay. It’s a it’s a fact and it’s true no matter what happens. And then, you know, you’re looking at it, looking at it and your coaches reminding, you know, that’s a thought. You need to be able to do that for your kids as well.

Gemma: Absolutely, yep. And I think in that respect, it’s a case of practice, you just get in the practice of constantly hearing it and constantly your brain goes off believing that thing and then your coach brings you back or you bring yourself back just going, hang on, that’s just a thought.

Yeah, it’s not anything. But yeah, going back to what you said about, you know, having your own experiences, it’s you can change something so small in your life, but something that you never, ever, ever thought was possible changing, you know, and once you Change one Thing, you know, you’re capable of anything, it’s just, yeah, it’s amazing. It’s just coaches, coaches, you need coaching, we all need coaching.

And for me it may sound silly to someone else, but it’s the fact that I now get up daily quarter past six in the morning and run. Yeah, my thoughts behind that, you like, if you know me, if you knew me before May this year, May 2021 it was about the 15th of May, or it all just fell into place because my brain just believe that you thought off, we go, You knew me before that there was no way I, the thoughts just when I can never get out of bed, I’m not a morning person, I’m retired in the morning.

There’s no way I hate running, running is stupid all of it. Yeah, now do it every morning and I love it. And I can’t imagine not doing it. And that’s just from changing fourth and being coached on it constantly and failing on what I started this process on one February and practicing that thought though, because, you know, so many times you would say to me, I’m a person that gets up at 6:00 AM.

It’s like, just randomly, you would just say that, but, you know, it’s the practice that you needed between February and May and you know, you just said it and you worked so hard towards it that now your brain is just like, well, yeah, that’s me finally write it.

Mikala: It’s phenomenal. So if you can change one thing like that, you know, that you can create anything in your life, it’s amazing that if you’re not doing that and you know, being an example of it and the fact that you can do that in Southern Tasmania of a winter’s morning, like, you know, let’s just call this what it is.

That is saying something like I live in Tasmania. So my days are dreary a and the weather is a lot more miserable. But even in Melbourne, just wanting to point that out that the fact that you still managed to get up and do it with the dreary Melbourne cold, wet, miserable, overcast weather.

That, that is awesome. That’s amazing. That’s, it’s one thing doing it in summer, but being able to keep it up like we’re having now, that’s really impressive. I

Gemma: I’ve thought about this morning driving back from the park and that, you know, we went into another lockdown again, so I couldn’t even go to the gym, so I have to be outside And, and I was driving back like it is the 15th of June, you know, and there was another assault running through my head off I left in Queensland, I do it every morning.

You just believe all these things to be true that your sentences, I don’t mean anything that’s just exactly right.


Speaking of pictures, having an approach. So what we thought we do is do a little bit of a live coach being coached session for you. So Gem is going to be the coach and I’m going to be the clients and it’s just, we just really wanted to show you just how quick, just how quickly and simply you can make this. You don’t have to have an hour long session with your coach every week. You can just do a short 5, 10, 20 minute session with appear if that’s all that’s available to you. But they can be really, really powerful just having someone else have the opportunity to look at the contents of your brain and to help you cut through the layers of crazy thoughts that you’re believing, so Gem take it away. I’ll let you lead things

Gemma: All right, What’s going through your mind?

Mikala: Oh, well, I was actually sick last week and while I spent many, many hours lying in bed, I came up with all these wonderful ideas and the thing that I’m actually struggling with a bit now is now that I’m back at work on back on track. I’m having a lot of trouble making decisions about the ideas, there are a lot of ideas about my business, from the direction of my business and ideas around, you know what I want to do, how I want to do it and I’m really struggling with taking them from thoughts and turning them into actions.

Yeah. Why now I want to say, I don’t know, but I know you’re not going to let me get away with that.

Gemma: Well why?

Mikala: Good question. My excuse to that question is because I’m tired. I know you’re not gonna let me get away with that one either.

Gemma: What if you didn’t know what if you did know why?

Mikala: What would you say if I did know it’s because it would move me away from my current business model and what I’m currently doing and what I’m currently doing I’m well known for and my clients really love me fall and it works and I’d be moving into new unknown territory and that’s scary.

Gemma: Mm I’m going to be blunt and say So what if it’s scary?

Mikala: So what so scary is an uncomfortable feeling and I don’t want to feel scared. I don’t want to feel vulnerable and I don’t want to feel afraid rather just skip that.

Gemma: You’re not alone here, right? Because as humans none of us want to feel scared, vulnerable, afraid. Right?

It the sensations in our body that don’t feel good, you know that I know that we all know that. But the thing is without feeling feelings like scared and vulnerable and afraid. You’re going to be comfortable and what happens with comfortable, nothing changes.

So the question is are you willing I feel scared, vulnerable, afraid, move away from your current business model?

Mikala: The short answer is yes, because I’m actually board with feeling comfortable. I don’t like feeling comfortable. I’m a person who enjoys change. I enjoy the opportunity to adapt to new things, which I think is why why I’ve been looking for a change and looking for different options.

I guess the realization for me here is I hadn’t realized that I wanted to stay in comfortable because comfortable is easy because I don’t like I don’t like comfortable, I like trying new things and pushing myself and yeah,

Gemma: So if we look at, because by not making decisions and not taking actions, you know, there are things that you know you’re in this case not doing.

So you know if you can sort of work backwards but not deciding and not taking action on these ideas that you’ve had really sort of put your you put yourself back in that moment and think what were you feeling?

What was the feeling you had that made you not take action and not take the decision because you didn’t feel mentioned scared, vulnerable?

Yeah, it’s um I gave you a few feeling words didn’t I I feel vulnerable and afraid.

Yeah, I think probably vulnerable, that’s probably the most that one feels right.

Gemma: Yeah. And when when you’re feeling vulnerable when you weren’t making these decisions, not taking action. What were you thinking about?

Mikala: The thought I was having was that no one is going to like my new Direction. Yeah. That I’m not, no one’s going to like it. I’m not going to have the support that I have in my current business model. Yeah. The support from clients.

Gemma: And if we sort of, if we look at this and make it quite specific, so you’re thinking no one is going to like it? Are you thinking about your current business model? Do you think about changing it? Are you thinking about the ideas, the sort of things that people aren’t going to like?

Mikala: Yeah.

Gemma: When’s the last time you sort of had that? If we get really sort of specific on the fact?. Because you’ve got, you know, you gave me some facts and you give me some thoughts.


So, you know, you’ve got our business model last week, he was sick and you were lying in bed coming up with ideas.

The last week when you were sick in bed?

Mikala: Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that’s the most recent. Yeah.

Gemma: And you’re thinking about ideas and then you’re thinking no one’s going to like it felt vulnerable and from there, you didn’t make decisions.

Mikala: Yeah.

Gemma: What else were you doing or not doing?

Mikala: I was wasting a lot of time. Like I was watching netflix, I was watching a lot of netflix and reading reading a lot of fiction. I love reading it’s always good thing to get me out of my head.

Gemma: Anything else you were doing or not doing?

Mikala: No

Gemma: So you weren’t making decisions about these ideas. You weren’t taking action schedule, wasting time watching Netflix. You’re reading fiction books for anything else. Well aside from avoiding making any decisions, like thinking right, that’s what I’m going to do.

Mikala: That’s pretty much it. Yeah.

Gemma: So you know when you’re having this thought no one’s going to like it feeling vulnerable and you know, you’re like you just said you’re avoiding you know, you’re avoiding decisions and you’re not taking action instead of watching Netflix and we’re feeling comfortable and doing all of the things right. You know?

So from there what you’re creating is that you don’t like it basically. I don’t like what I’m doing.

What do you think about that?

Mikala: Interesting how the brain works, isn’t it? And there you go. Like that was a quick 10 minute.

Gemma: And but the thing is as well, do you know why you’re creating that result at the moment right now?

You’re thinking it’s because I was sick in bed last week.

That’s why you were feeling vulnerable. I can’t make you feel anything right, can’t make you waist high and I can’t make you read nonfiction books.

That’s right because you were thinking someone’s going to let go.

Mikala: That’s right.

And just to put that thought against what I thought the time before when I was lying sick in bed, which was a few weeks before that my thought then and I know this because I have self-coached on this was, I can do hard things, I can do this, I can work this out. And what I did then was I lay in bed and I watched watch this really cool show on the sbs on demand called the fixer where this woman comes in and talks to business owners and helps them bring their businesses back from the edge.

So I was watching that and learning from the different things she was doing and different things she was talking about. I was reading books on the subject of how to thrive with a chronic illness and how to pivot your business and all that sort of thing. And I was making decisions on that. Yeah. And I did take quite a lot of action out of that.

And I think that’s what this is about. I’ve kind of come into this lull where it’s like, well I’ve got these new ideas again. But unlike last time where I was able to act on them and make things happen and get things done this time, it’s different and I’m unable to and again, it’s because as you so rightly pointed out, it’s just a different thought that I’ve been having and that isn’t it, it’s creating the different result, right?

And isn’t it just so interesting?

Gemma: You know, and that that’s why you need your self coaching. That’s why coaches still need coaching because of that exact thing. You know, two weeks ago, you had that before you were taking action. I’m sure you had a very different feeling, right?

But now you’re having a different sport. But what’s amazing is that nothing has gone wrong here? You’ve just got a human brain human thoughts.

But this thought has made you feel vulnerable and not much action comes from feeling vulnerable, right? There’s vulnerable. Is that is that feeling that we get in our body to keep us safe because back in primitive brain land, you know, if you felt vulnerable, you’re probably going to get kicked out of, you know, heard in the plaque, which makes you vulnerable, which makes you unsafe. So as soon as you feel vulnerable, of course you’re not going to want to take actions, right?

So it just takes that one thought, you could change. But if you’re not getting the coaching, if that’s not happening, then you’re not going to pick it up.

Mikala: Well, that’s right, because if we hadn’t had this discussion, I wouldn’t have been able to hone in on that thought. Exactly, right. As much as you did do that yourself, but you’re still in your own head. Yeah, that’s right. And, you know, you’ve pointed out a lot of things and I’m like, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, I don’t know. I think of that truly. Okay. Exactly.

Because we all have human brains. Yeah, Yeah, we do sometimes. I think mine’s not so human, but you know. Yeah. Oh, so big. I love it.

Gemma: Well, thanks for doing a live coaching with us today. That was fun.

Mikala: Yeah, Thank you. Yeah.

Gemma: And yeah, I guess that was awesome. But well now amazing coaches listening. This is why the coaches need coaching.

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