Hey coach, 

Are you stuck in niche drama?

Any of the above sound familiar?

Stop wasting time “finding” the right niche.

You can stop the niche drama today. 

In this training video, you’ll learn why you need to research before you “nail” your niche.

The biggest mistake we see coaches make is not testing their niche first. 

Wasting time being stuck in niche drama to get it right, and then they discover their niche…

Taking your coaching offers out to the world without first testing your niche means you’ll waste more time and block launching your coaching business. 

In this short 10 minute video, you’ll:

This video helps you quickly discover your niche and write friendly copy that will connect with them.

Because without researching if your niche is thirsty for your coaching, you’ll waste time, prevent launching your coaching program and put off helping people create the lives they want to live. 

And isn’t that why you became a coach?

Don’t make this number 1 niche mistake anymore 

Learn how to decide on a niche, test it and move forward or change it.