Chucking Business Tantrums


Chucking Business Tantrums

Lose your shit in your business when things don’t go as you planned?
You’re not alone.

In Australian (English), this is known as ‘chukin a tanty’ as we want you to chuck all the tanty’s that you need without sacrificing your business.

You have every right to feel all the shit feelings when there’s a failure in your business. You can let all the emotions come out and blame everyone else but you.

But don’t let it carry on forever. Have your tanty and move on. Because if you stay stuck, then you’ll never move forward.

Learn how to have your tantrum and move on from a non-emotional space to continue to make forward decisions in your business without staying stuck and not taking responsibility for you and your business.

In this episode, you’ll discover there are two options when you have a tantrum.

One moves you forward, and one keeps you stuck. You can decide to stay feeling sorry for yourself or pick yourself up (still feeling like shit) and move forward.

If you feel shitty either way, we suggest choosing the option that moves you forward.

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